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Dear Friend,

Finding training plans or diets to follow really isn’t hard.  As I write this, a google search for “weightloss plan” brings up 1,170,000,000 results, “running training plan” brings up 1,230,000,000 results and “fitness plan” brings up 9,530,000,000 results.  What you don’t get with these types of plans is any form of personalisation so that what you get is suitable for your needs and goals.

Join me as a founding member of The TrainedByTristan Inner Circle.

Members of The TrainedByTristan Inner Circle will not only receive training, nutrition and lifestyle plans for a wide variety of needs, goals and preferences, I will also show exactly how and when each of those plans are most applicable so that you get the most from the time and effort you put into it.

This is early days, but the plan currently includes...

Training plans using as many different training tools for as many different needs as I can create.  Mostly revolving around creating better health without access to a gym.

These regular “Ask Me Anything” zoom calls allowing you to ask me any questions that you need answering.  In my mind I see these becoming more structured as time goes on.

Real life, in person fitness and social events – if we can remember what these are like!

Join the ambassador program to share content and programs with friends and family.


Exercise demo videos highlighting proper technique and fault finding.  Also a recipe library 


Your founding members status will give you free access to all Silver and Gold courses, at least 5% off all physical products and as much discount as I am able to offer for events.

I look forward to welcoming you in